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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Domains registered through us are always registered to the customer. The customer has full ownership and control of the domain and the option to transfer the domain to another service provider at any time.
Yes! Of course, you can also order a domain only. The price of a domain also always includes name servers with a web-based control panel, as well as domain forwarding and email forwarding services. So you don't have to subscribe to any additional services (such as the so-called "domain park service").
Yes! Feel free to assign the domain to servers from another provider. This is accomplished by assigning dns records provided by another service provider to the domain's dns zone if you use our name servers for the domain, or you can also switch to another name servers for the domain. Both actions are easily accomplished from our control panel.
Yes! All domain management can be done complete independently through our easy-to-use control panel. You can also find the domain transfer code from our control panel and you can transfer the domain to another provider at any time.
With the GDPR, data on EU citizens will no longer be published in public whois data on domains. So EU citizens no longer have to worry about seeing contact information. In the case of other countries, we offer a privacy service to most domain extensions, which allows you to replace publicly visible contacts in your domain with others so that your actual contacts are not disclosed. If necessary, it is possible to order the service at the same time when ordering a domain.

Note! The contact information of individuals is not published in the whois information of the .FI domain, but if the domain owner is a company, the information is always public and it is not possible to hide it.